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Studies of Crosstalk on the MINOS' Hamamatsu M64 Photomultipliers

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John Urish
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22 Oct 2003, 12:00
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This note describes the first studies accomplished at Oxford to understand the crosstalk in the R5900-00-M64 (M64) photomultipliers.
A sample of 9 photomultipliers was used to identify and measure crosstalk in the M64s for this analysis.
Two components of crosstalk were found.
The first component causes a drift toward positive charge values of the whole charge distribution of the cross-talked pixels.
The second component is characterised by drawing photo-electron peaks in the charge distribution of the cross-talked pixels.
The pattern of both components is described such that crosstalk can be inserted into the MINOS simulation packages for
further studies of crosstalk on the performance of the MINOS detectors.

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Posted by Anatael Cabrera

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Anatael Cabrera
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This note describes the studies accomplished at Oxford test stand to undestand crosstalk in the M64 PMTs. The two independent components of crosstalk found, "Optical" and "Electrical", have been described in this note.
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