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Assessment of the MINOS Steel Design

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When the assembly of the MINOS far detector steel was nearing completion, the original design engineers were tasked to assess the construction of the steel planes. This assessment included observing the hanging of plane # 483 on May 29, 2003 and a visual inspection of the as built Super Modules SM1 and SM2. Neither the building of a plane, nor the moving of steel from the surface was observed since plane no. 483 was assembled prior to our arrival and the steel to assemble the remaining planes had not yet been delivered by the vendor. Super Modules, SM1 and SM2 were completed on time, on budget and with an impressive safety record of no lost time due to lifting and hoisting operations. There were 6 items noted during the visual inspection of the hanging planes and will be discussed below. These items may have been discussed in other documents, but this report takes the opportunity to readdress them.

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