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Use of the Soudan 2 Shield in MINOS

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Recent studies and analysis of early MINOS data demonstrate that if MINOS is to be a useful detector
for atmospheric neutrino physics, it will require a shield, primarily to reject incoming stopping
muons. A proposal to cover
the top and sides of the MINOS detector in a layer of scintillator modules has already been put
forward. This approach would produce a shield which integrates seamlessly into the electronics /
readout systems of MINOS. The main cost of this proposal is the production of the additional scintillator
modules. An alternative is to re-use the existing shield from the Soudan 2 experiment.
This approach has the advantage of utilizing an existing, highly effective, well-understood technology,
but at the cost of integrating a new type of detector (gas proportional tubes) and its ancillary
systems into the overall experiment. This note outlines how the proportional tubes of the Soudan
shield could be used to provide 750 m$^2$ coverage for MINOS, at a cost of around $277k.

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