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Neutrino Oscillation Parameters from MINOS, ICARUS and OPERA combined

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21 Nov 2001, 12:00
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We perform a detailed analysis of the capabilities of the MINOS,
ICARUS and OPERA experiments to measure neutrino
oscillation parameters at the atmospheric scale
with their data taken separately and in combination. MINOS will determine
$\Delta m^2_{32}$ and $\sin^2 2\theta_{23}$ to within 10%
at the 99% C.L. with 10 kton-years of data. While no one
experiment will determine $\sin^2 2\theta_{13}$ with much
precision, if its value lies in the combined sensitivity region of the
three experiments, it will be possible to place a lower bound of
O(0.01) at the 95% C.L. on this parameter by combining the
data from the three experiments. The same bound can be placed
with a combination of MINOS and ICARUS data alone.

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V. Barger, A.M. Gago, D. Marfatia, W.J.C. Teves, B.P. Wood and
R. Zukanovick Funchal
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