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Nautrino Oscillations Experiments using Off-axis NuMI Beam

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John Urish
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John Urish
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15 Oct 2001, 12:00
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NuMI neutrino beam is constructed to aim at the MINOS detector in Soudan mine.
Neutrinos emitted at angles $10-20\;mrad$ with respect to the beam axis
create an intense beam with a well defined energy, dependent on the angle.
Additional surface detectors positioned at the transverse distance
of several kilometers from the mine offer an opportunity for very precise
mesurements of the neutrino oscillation parameters. The mixing
matrix element $\left|U_{e3}\right|^{2}$ can be measured down to a value
of 0.0025 with the exposure of the order of $20\;kton\times years$.
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Posted by Adam Para
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A. Para, Fermilab, M. Szleper, Noerthwestern
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