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Proposal to Measure the Speed of Mu-type Neutrinos to To Two Parts in 10**6

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John Urish
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John Urish
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25 Jul 2001, 12:00
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Proposal to Measure the Speed of Mu-type Neutrinos to Two Parts in 10^6

We propose to measure the propagation time of muon-type neutrinos from
the NuMI source at Fermilab to the MINOS detector in northern Minnesota,
a distance of 735.34 km.
The proposed timing instrumentation will provide an accuracy of +/-2ns in
the muon neutrino propagation time.
With an accuracy in the distance of +/- 0.7m, we expect to show that the speed
of a neutrino differs from the speed of light by no more than two parts in
10^6. The time-of-flight instrumentation will also enable a search for
slow-moving weakly-interacting particles.

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Tim Bergfeld, Carl Rosenfeld, S. Mishra and A. Godley
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