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A Measurement of Oscillation Parameters using Antifiducial Charged Current Events in MINOS

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18 May 2010, 10:18
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The Main Injector Neutrino Oscillation Search (MINOS) observes the disappearance of muon neutrinos as they propagate in the long baseline Neutrinos at the Main Injector (NuMI) beam. MINOS consists of two detectors. The near detector samples the initial composition of the beam. The far detector, 735 km away, looks for an energy-dependent deficit in the neutrino spectrum. This energy-dependent deficit is interpreted as quantum mechanical oscillations between neutrino flavors. A measurement is made of the effective two-neutrino mixing parameters Dm<sup>2</sup> ~= Dm<sup>2</sup><sub>23</sub> and sin<sup>2</sup>2th ~= sin<sup>2</sup>2th<sub>23</sub>. The primary MINOS analysis uses charged current events in the fiducial volume of the far detector. This analysis uses the roughly equal-sized sample of events that fails the fiducial cut, consisting of interactions outside the fiducial region of the detector and in the surrounding rock. These events provide an independent and complementary measurement, albeit weaker due to incomplete reconstruction of the events. This analysis reports on an exposure of 7.25x10<sup>20</sup> protons-on-target. Due to poor energy resolution, the measurement of sin<sup>2</sup>2th is much weaker than established results, but the measurement of sin<sup>2</sup>2th > 0.56 at 90% confidence is consistent with the accepted value. The measurement of Dm<sup>2</sup> is much stronger. Assuming sin<sup>2</sup>2th = 1, Dm<sup>2</sup> = (2.20 +- 0.18[stat] +- 0.14[syst]) x 10<sup>-3</sup> eV<sup>2</sup>.
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The two PDFs are identical except that the "two sided" one has the odd numbered pages shifted over a bit for better book-style printing.

The one sided PDF is identical to that submitted to the UMN graduate school.

The source tarball contains the LyX (LaTeX front-end) files used to generate the PDF and all of the figures, mostly in EPS. For most figures, the ROOT macro used to generate the figure is included. These are mostly best run using "root -n -b -q figure.C". A few require compilation (figure.C --> figure.C+). Many of the EPS files were tweaked by hand after being generated by ROOT, usually to move apart conflicting labels or straighten out a line of symbols --- minor things. Some EPS files were sent to me as EPS and so there's no macro for them. I may also have been overzealous in cleaning up unused files, so ask if unsure or something doesn't work.

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