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Interpretation of the Underground Muon Charge Ratio

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Maury C Goodman
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Maury C Goodman
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12 Dec 2008, 16:08
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04 Jun 2009, 16:55
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The MINOS experiment has observed a rise in the underground
muon charge ratio $r_\mu$ = ${\mu^+/\mu^-}$. This ratio can be related to
the atmospheric production ratios of ${\pi^+/\pi^-}$ and ${K^+/K^-}$.
Our analysis indicates that the relevant variable for studying the charge ratio+
$\ecos$, rather than $\emu$. We compare a simple energy dependent
parameterization of the rise in the charge ratio with
more detailed previously published Monte Carlo calculations.
We also discuss the importance of two previously neglected effects in
this context: the charge sign dependency of the dE/dx in rock, and
the energy dependence of heavy primaries on the ${K^+/K^-}$ ratio.
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Ms. Ref. No.: ASTROPARTPHYS-D-09-00036
Title: Interpretation of the Underground Muon Charge Ratio
Astroparticle Physics
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