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Ratio of Pion Kaon Production in Proton Carbon Interactions

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Gary J Feldman
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Gary J Feldman
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20 Oct 2008, 23:13
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20 Oct 2008, 23:13
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16 Jan 2009, 17:01
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The ratio of pion-kaon production by 120 GeV/c protons incident on carbon target is presented. The data was recorded with the Main Injector Particle Production experiment at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. Production ratios of K+/π+, K−/π−, K−/K+, and π−/π+ are measured in 24 bins in longitudinal momentum from 20 to 90 GeV/c and transverse momentum up to 2 GeV/c . The measurement is compared to existing data sets, particle production Monte Carlo results from FLUKA-06, parametrization of proton-beryllium data at 400/450 GeV/c , and ratios measured by the MINOS experiment on the NuMI target.
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This is Andre Lebedev's Ph.D. thesis. For MIPP data from the NuMI target, see DocDB 5257, Sharon Seun's thesis.
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  • MINOS-doc-5356: Position Paper for NuMuBar Analysis of Run I + II Data
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