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The Kaon Charge Ratio in Accelerator Experiments

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Maury C Goodman
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Andrew Hoffman
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26 Jul 2007, 11:41
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31 Jul 2007, 14:00
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26 Jul 2007, 11:41
A search was conducted for articles relevant to the kaon charge ratio to compare accelerator results to the MINOS FD interpretation from cosmic ray muons for the ratio of production rates (K<sup>+</sup>/K<sup>-</sup> ~ 2). Most accelerator experiments that were found used colliding proton beams to produce the kaons, whereas one used a proton beam incident on a carbon target and another the collisions of lead ions. Protons colliding with air would be ideal for studying the atmospheric muon charge ratio, but few of these experiments have been done.
The accelerator results are consistent with kaon and pion charge ratios that increase with Feynman <i>x</i>; it appears that the K<sup>+</sup>/K<sup>-</sup> ratio is most consistent with MINOS for <i>x</i> ~ 0.15-0.20. Several of the experiments used such a value, whereas one used a lower one and others used a range of values. There is a parameterization of the kaon charge ratio vs. <i>x<sub>R</sub></i> ~ <i>x</i> that seems rather consistent with the accelerator results.
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