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MINOS Results and Future Prospects (KEKTC6 conference talk)

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Jeff Hartnell
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Jeff Hartnell
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24 Jan 2007, 10:41
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06 Feb 2007, 19:37
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24 Sep 2008, 09:20
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Slides to be presented 6th February 2007 at
The 6th KEK Topical Conference: Frontiers in Particle Physics and Cosmology (KEKTC6)

I have 20+5 minutes, so it's fairly short. The conference is also fairly broad (neutrino oscillations, B and C flavour physics, LHC, ILC, rare Kaon decays and cosmology) and I was specifically told that there will be a number of Japanese graduate students in the audience so I have tried to get across some of the important basic principles.

There is a general neutrino talk and a K2K/T2K talk before mine so they will be covering the neutrino physics background: I was specifically requested to focus on MINOS.

Comments welcome.

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Final version of talk (ppt only)
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