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CPT Conservation and Atmospheric Neutrinos in the MINOS FD

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13 Mar 2006, 18:39
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The MINOS Far Detector is a 5400 ton iron calorimeter located at
the Soudan state park in Soudan Minnesota. The MINOS far detector
can observe atmospheric neutrinos and separate charge current $\nu_\mu$
and $\bar\nu_\mu$ interactions by using a 1.4 T magnetic field
to identify the charge of the produced muon. The CPT theorem requires
that neutrinos and anti-neutrinos oscillate in the same way. In an fiducial exposure
of 5.0 kilo-ton years a total of 41 candidate neutrino events are observed with an expectation of 53.1$\pm$7.6(system.)$\pm$7.2(stat.) unoscillated events or 31.6$\pm$4.7(system.)$\pm$5.6(stat.) events with $\Delta{m}^{2}=2.4\times10^{-3}eV^{2}$,$sin^{2}(2\theta)=1.0$ as oscillation parameters. These include
28 events which can have there charge identified with high confidence. These 28 events consist
of 18 events consistant with being produced by $\nu_\mu$ and 10 events being consistant with
being produced by $\bar\nu_\mu$. No evidence of CPT violation is observed.
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