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Design Study of the NuMI Target for 2 MW Upgrades

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John Urish
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John Urish
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28 Jul 2005, 12:00
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21 Jul 2008, 12:52
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21 Jul 2008, 12:52
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The present Report describes first results of the design
study of the NuMI target for the 2 MW primary proton beam.
This is in the view of Fermilab plans to use for neutrino
experiments the proton beam with 5 times higher power with
respect to the beam of the current accelerator complex
(the Proton Driver project).
The water cooled target with a graphite core, encapsulated
with prestress into the thin-walled metal pipe, has been
examined as one possible variant of the target for the 2 MW
primary proton beam.
Two different Main Injector options, 120 GeV beam with
0.67 Hz cycle, and 40 GeV beam with 3 times higher repetition
rate, were considered under this stage of the target study.
In both cases the target should withstand the heat and
mechanical load, created by the primary beam with 1.5x10**14
protons per pulse.

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Posted by James Hylen

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V.Garkusha, A.Mikheyev, I.Ponimash, A.Ryabov, T.Ryabova, F.Novoskoltsev, V.Zarucheisky
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Task A Report of the 2005 Accord between FNAL and IHEP (Protvino)
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