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MINOS Far Detector Acceptance Study for Understanding Aspects of the Mufson Effect

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John Urish
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26 Aug 2004, 12:00
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A study of the acceptance of the MINOS Far Detector to single muon
tracks was been performed using a new Monte Carlo program. The
emphasis is on understanding the observed ratio of positive to
negative charged muons from cosmic rays. Specifically, the ratio
of positive to muons has been studied as a function of geometric
angles, muon momentum, magnetic field strength, and detector
alignment. Some important features of the data can be explained using
the Monte Carlo, but some affects appear to be beyond the
scope of this study. It was found that the muon charge ratio is
a function of the angular distribution and momentum of the incident
muon flux; to the extent that the Full Project Monte Carlo does
not reproduce the incident muon momentum and angular distributions, there
will be corresponding errors on the muon charge ratio result. Finally,
there is an unexplained aspect of the relative heights of the
muon charge ratio for north and south directions.

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P. Schreiner, V. Frohne, M. Goodman, T. Fields
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  • MINOS-doc-2994: Proposed blessed plots from NuMI note 1049
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