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NuMI Target Vibration Measurements

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John Urish
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John Urish
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13 Apr 2004, 12:00
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The abstract for the note is given below. Section 7 of the note which covers
simulation of the vibration is missing at this time. The simulation stills
needs some work but is not essential for the conclusions of the note which I
think would benefit from being made available to the collaboration without
further delay.

Bob Wagner

The NuMI target exhibits vibration with a very long damping time. The
vibration of the target is easily excited due to its long length and narrow
cross section. This situation gives the potential for a variety of
environmental conditions to excite resonant vibration of the target. These
include focusing horn pulsing, high speed cooling air flowing, and
cooling water flowing through the target. Measurements have been made
of vibration excited by horn pulsing and by air and water flow from a setup
designed to mimic that of the target hall environment. None of the conditions
excites large or resonant vibration in the target. Also discussed are
measurements of the fundamental vibration frequencies of the target and
attempts to produce a simulation of these vibrations.

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Robert G. Wagner, Argonne National Laboratory
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