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Calibration of the MINOS Detectors

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The Main Injector Neutrino Oscillation Search (MINOS) project is a
long baseline neutrino oscillation experiment, consisting of a beam of mainly
muon neutrinos measured by two steel-scintillator calorimeters. The Near
Detector will measure the beam spectrum before oscillations have a had a
chance to occur significantly, with the Far Detector measuring the spectrum
735 km away. MINOS has been designed to achieve a relative calibration
between the detectors to 2% and an absolute calibration to 5%. The relative
calibration is performed using muons and the absolute using measurements from
testbeams, taken with the purpose built Calibration Detector (CalDet).

Results are presented from tests of the MINOS calibration chain, carried out
using data from the CalDet and Far Detector. A strip to strip calibration of
both the CalDet and Far Detector has been carried out using muons and
the light injection system. This calibration has been performed to the 2%
level at the CalDet. Results are shown of a cross detector calibration using
beam related and cosmic ray muons, with momenta selected through range.

Studies of the charge distribution of upward-going muons, which come from
atmospheric neutrino interactions in the rock beneath the Far Detector, are
presented. MINOS will be the first experiment that has been able to measure
the charge of muons produced from atmospheric neutrinos
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