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MINOS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
7733-v1 MINOS Beam Data Process Brett Viren Monitoring
22 Jul 2016
10500-v1 MINOS+ MC and Beam Data files Robert Hatcher Monitoring
Detector Simulation
09 Apr 2014
9831-v1 IF beam data base validation Manungu Kiveni Monitoring
14 May 2013
9792-v2 IFBeam DataBase vs. MINOS mbeam File Comparisons Robert Hatcher et al. Monitoring
16 Apr 2013
9349-v1 Hadron / Muon Monitor Documentation for Operations from Laura Laura Loiacono Monitoring
22 Mar 2013
7592-v1 Study of Recent Beam Monitoring Problems Andy Blake Monitoring
16 Sep 2010
2601-v1 Profile Monitor Readbacks Peter Lucas Monitoring
20 Dec 2006
2099-v1 Beam-Based Alignment of the NuMI Target Station Components at FNAL Mary Bishai et al. General
Journal Publications
20 Jul 2006
1690-v1 Accelerator Systems and Instrumentation for the NuMI Neutrino Beam Bob Zwaska General
29 Mar 2006
1526-v1 Targeting.pdf Peter Lucas Monitoring
09 Feb 2006

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