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MINOS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
10136-v1 Where's the target, and similar questions Jim E Hylen Beam
26 Oct 2015
6122-v1 Magnetic Field Mapping of NuMI Horn PH1-03 Jim E Hylen Horns
08 Aug 2014
9314-v1 Target location along beam-line; summary of entire MINOS run Jim E Hylen Target
08 Aug 2014
6473-v6 Location of NuMI target NT-03 as positioned September 14, 2009 Jim E Hylen Target
08 Aug 2014
10098-v0 NuMI Startup Jim E Hylen None
19 Sep 2013
1303-v1 Calibration of NuMI Horn Current Readout Jim E Hylen Horns
19 Aug 2006
2099-v1 Beam-Based Alignment of the NuMI Target Station Components at FNAL Mary Bishai et al. General
Journal Publications
20 Jul 2006

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