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MINOS-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
13037-v1 Making Modifications to the MINOS Offline DCS_MAG_NEAR DB Table by Hand Robert Hatcher Offline Framework
30 Apr 2018
12627-v1 Care and Feeding of the MINOS Database Robert Hatcher Offline Framework
30 Nov 2017
10134-v1 Beam Data in the Post XML-RPC Era Robert Hatcher General
Beam Systematics
22 Jul 2016
10500-v1 MINOS+ MC and Beam Data files Robert Hatcher Detector Simulation
09 Apr 2014
10230-v1 Simplified MINOS DB Validity Discussion Robert Hatcher Offline Framework
06 Nov 2013
10062-v3 minos Beam Data Acquisition and Processing Plan in the Post xml-rpc Era Robert Hatcher Online/DAQ
09 Oct 2013
10052-v2 Time Skew in SWIC Timestamps as Seen by the MINOS and ifbeam Beam Data Systems Robert Hatcher et al. General
06 Aug 2013
10051-v2 MINOS Keep-Up Processing and Beam Data Acquisition Robert Hatcher et al. General
05 Aug 2013
9967-v1 NuMI-X Redmine + Event Generator Workshop Robert Hatcher Beam Simulation
20 Jun 2013
9885-v3 dk2nu unified flux ntuple Robert Hatcher Beam Simulation
05 Jun 2013
9848-v2 Redmine Project and Code Base Unification Robert Hatcher Beam Simulation
23 May 2013
9792-v2 IFBeam DataBase vs. MINOS mbeam File Comparisons Robert Hatcher et al. Monitoring
16 Apr 2013
9579-v1 Converting Flux Files to dk2nu Format Robert Hatcher Beam Simulation
14 Dec 2012
9518-v5 Beam Simulation Workshop notes Robert Hatcher Beam Simulation
05 Dec 2012
9547-v0 Update on Unified Ntuple Format Robert Hatcher None
26 Nov 2012
9453-v2 Unified Beam Ntuples 2012-10-03 Robert Hatcher Beam Simulation
02 Oct 2012
9070-v4 Proposal for a Unified “Flux” N-tuple Format Robert Hatcher Beam Simulation
02 Oct 2012
9084-v1 NuMI Simulation Efforts 2012-05-03 Robert Hatcher Beam Simulation
02 Oct 2012
8283-v1 MINOS Computing 2011-06-15 Robert Hatcher General
15 Jun 2011
7614-v1 A Detailed Accounting of GENIE Cross-section Memory Usage in the NuMI Software Efforts Robert Hatcher Physics Simulation
27 Sep 2010
2519-v0 A tale of two times (Calibration vs. MC Generation) Robert Hatcher None
07 Dec 2006
1406-v2 EventKinematics Strategy Robert Hatcher Detector Simulation
06 Jan 2006
1238-v2 GMINOS & DetSim Changes Robert Hatcher Detector Simulation
Near Detector Non-Oscillation Ph
16 Nov 2005

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