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Cross-checking Beam Monitoring Records.

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Andy Blake
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Andy Blake
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22 Jul 2010, 19:37
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22 Jul 2010, 19:47
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15 Sep 2010, 09:22
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I've noticed that my PoT integrals, calculated using
MINOS offline database, are smaller than those reported
by NuMI operators (taking data straight from ACNET).

One possible source of missing PoTs might be missing
beam monitoring records. I've cross-checked the beam
monitoring records using near detector spill records.

I use the offline database to correlate near detector
spills with their associated beam monitoring records,
and then search for gaps in the beam monitoring data
by calculating the fraction of near detector spills
without any corresponding beam monitoring spills.

The rate of near detector spills without any matching
beam monitoring has historically been below 1 percent.
However, since January 2010, it has risen to 3 percent.

I assume that the record of near detector spills is
complete and that, during normal running, each spill
should have an associated beam record. I could also
run the check in the opposite direction.

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