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Comments on 'Matrix' and 'Ratio' Methods for the Oscillation Analysis

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08 May 2006, 14:18
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We are comparing two of the methods proposed for the neutrino oscillation
analysis: one using smearing and unsmearing matrices and the one involving
ratios of the relevant distributions.

We argue that the 'matrix' method provides the simplest and logically
consistent framework of the analysis of the MINOS data
and it minimizes the dependence (a.k.a. systematic error) due to poorly
known input models.

Various 'ratio'
methods methods which can be derived from the matrix method do not use any
additional information, hence they do not reduce the systematic errors.
On the other hand they introduce additional dependence on the poorly known
models hence they are systematically inferior to the 'matrix' method.
Some of the formulations
of the 'ratio' method introduce considerable logical complications into the
analysis logic, like multiple smearing/unsmearing of data in the far detector.

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