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DocDB is a powerful and flexible document database, originally designed for use by the BTeV collaboration, but now used by other experiments and FNAL divisions.

  • DocDB maintains a versioned list of documents in a MySQL database. Information maintained in the database includes, author(s), title, topic(s), document date, revision number, abstract, keywords, document type, pointers to the actual document files, and access restriction information.
  • Access to DocDB is controlled by cgi scripts that run on your web server.
  • When a document is submitted to DocDB, the document is copied (from either local disk or a URL) to a directory located on the web server. Documents may be composed of several files.
  • Documents are copied to a central location so that they will not "disappear" when someone rearranges or deletes files. This also enables centralized backup.
  • Changes to a document result in a new version of the document, providing historical archiving.

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